Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cars 2 Review

I realize that when weighing in on unimportant matters I never seem to agree with anyone, but I couldn’t disagree with nearly everyone’s opinion regarding Cars 2.  I did some research before writing this article to find out what people thought of the movie and soon began a crazed search for someone over 11 who actually liked this movie.  Apparently people think that McQueen is the lovable character in this movie and should have been featured rather than Mater.  I suppose I could be blinded by my ruthless distaste for Owen Wilson or the fact that even in a cartoon he plays the typical self absorbed egomaniac he usually does.  He’s a changed car in this edition though and although he’s a “nice guy” he still makes the same mistakes inadvertently as he did before.  I suppose what I liked most is the James Bond meets Johnny English routine they used in this film and the animation was very impressive as a realistic representation.

Michael Cain plays the other lead in this film who is an ultra-spiffed up spy car that is on a mission to recover information an American agent has possession of about a mysterious mastermind.  In an equally compelling plot McQueen is challenged to a race by Luigi; a new fast race car from Italy.  The story eventually ends up being about Mater who is mistaken as a spy and silly misunderstandings become the comedy of the rest of this movie.  If you like spoofy, goofy, silly movies then this one is sure to hit home. 

My favorite theme to this movie is that it teaches how important it is to be who you are and proud of that regardless of the opposition.  I can’t count the number of times I was trying to be serious and people were laughing because they thought I was trying to be funny.  In this movie Mater is perceived to be a genius because the other spies think he is a master at pretending to be stupid in order to fool the counter spies.  He is very discouraged about not being taken seriously as a person and discarded so easily by his friend Lightning McQueen.  Many of us have faced challenges from others who don’t take us seriously but as Mater was given such good advice we too should adhere to this motto:  “If people don’t take you seriously; they need to change, not you.”  There are many people who faced rejection and adversity that went on to be great characters in history.  I’m sure you have heard the inspiring stories about people like Martin Luther, Thomas Edison and Rosa Parks.  You could be the one marching to a different tune that turns the world upside down and helps the world see things a little differently.  I say the old adage “dare to be different” is still a good one and the movie Cars 2 supports that belief.


  1. Good review. I never like many of the Pixar movie so I don't think I will be watching this one.

  2. I'm over 11 and I liked the movie. Good review, sir. Here's my take: