Monday, August 22, 2011

Open Season 3 Review

There are so many choices for movies out there these days.  We have a boom in entertainment and more movie complexes with more theaters than ever before.  Movie ticket sales are waning all the time and yet Americans still watch just as many movies.  I believe that the potential for creativity is important for us to support this art form but unfortunately many people support movies they wouldn’t necessarily see if they had more information about the type of movie before renting or buying a ticket.  I started this blog so that I can review movies that I like, rather than telling people not to see a movie; that way if people who follow have the same taste they know it’s a good movie to see because I watch A LOT of movies and I can help them prevent wasting their money.  Once in a while I come across a movie that I whole heartedly enjoy and recommend for a family and Open Season 3 is the very movie.

The movie opens with Boog trying to set up a “guys trip” with Elliot but he has responsibilities and promises to his family and has to decline the pre-arranged trip with Boog.  This sets the premise of the move that Boog feels unappreciated and lonely.  Being single and having only one best friend causes him to think he doesn’t “fit in.”  Off to a distant land to find a place where he fits in and he stumbles across a circus.  There he meets a Russian female bear named Ursula and tries to win her affections.  The movie also has some funny side characters that come along with Bobbie (played by Georgia Engel from Everybody Loves Raymond) who has a clan of animals who are always trying to escape from her.  She is obsessed with finding aliens and drags her husband on these adventures in the woods in their RV. 

This series of movies always has a very important theme that understands what is common to people’s lives these days.  In the first movie it is aimed a little towards the younger audience; however this installment has a more grown up idea of making sure we invest time in our friends if we expect them to stick around.  Boog promises the llama they will have “guys night” every night to talk about guy things.  At one point Boog chooses to spend the time with Ursula rather than the llama but the llama forgives Boog for not keeping his promise to spend time with him that night.  The llama forgives him and Boog is surprised and assumes the llama won’t forgive him.  The llama says “of course, that’s what friends are for!”  Perhaps children miss the message in these movies but adults miss the message too in our every day relationships when they call apart and we don’t understand why. 

It’s a good idea to take inventory of our relationships and think about who we haven’t spent time with lately and schedule that time.  Keep your promises and you will have people in your life you can count on when the chips are down.  Family is so consuming but we always need our friends.  I hope that someone comes to your mind after reading this review and you give them a call or write a letter.  Giving someone an encouraging word, thankfulness or expressing how much we love someone and why can lift their spirits and make room in our hearts for more love.

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